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  We are now offering certification courses your choice:

On-line, Home Study, or In-person



New Location !!! Watch for classes coming to Lakeland, Florida

~ coming soon!


New Address: Francine Milford

                       3230 Prairie Dunes Cir W

                       Lakeland, Fl. 33810

Tuning Fork TherapyŽ Certication

Tuning Fork Therapy® currently offers eight levels of training and certifications, along with some additional add-on courses such as TFT Color Therapy, Animal Practitioner, and Chakra Energy Worker courses, among others. Courses can be completed on site or through long distant learning. Each level comes with tuning forks, a pinrted manual, hand outs and/or DVDs (if any are included in the particular course that you selected) and instruction sheet. 

About Certifications

Acupressure and Tuning Forks

High Blood Pressure and Tuning Forks

Arthritis and Tuning Forks

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Florida Massage and NCBTMB Ce's

Spinal Practitioner Certification

Animal Practitioner Certification

Fibromyalgia Certification


Tuning Forks & Accessories

Tuning Forks & Accessories


Weighted and Unweighted

     Our tuning forks are made either here in the U.S. or in India using only the best aluminum alloy.


Tuning Fork TherapyŽ Manuals

NCBTMB and FL Massage

     Offering up to 12 ce's for Tuning Fork Therapy massage and 8 ce's for each level of certification. Homestudy available for each level of training.

Training Manuals and Books-Click the Photo

Vibrational Reiki™ Certifications

     Combine the beautiful healing power of Usui Reiki with tuning forks. Earn two certifications at the same time.

NCBTMB, FL Massage-Click the Photo

Vibrational Reiki™ Certifications-Click Photo

     The Tuning Fork Therapy® Logo is ONLY for those students who have completed the coursework and registered with this website-ONLY. Please report all abuses of this trademark to me. Thank you.

Student Comments


Dear Francine,

Thank you for your hard work putting these courses together. I am getting good feed back and continue to use the guidelines you directed in the course. I want to learn more so you will be hearing from me!!

Sincerely YB


"My package arrived today. The Tuning Forks are amazing I can't wait to start working with them. m.n."


Thanks so much Francine. 

I’ve found so much value in the information/teaching you provide and it’s practical application,

I’d like to keep furthering my education with you. 

All the best, DH


Copper Wands

     Discover how to use copper wands in the vibrational healing session. Opens and balances chakras, moves stagnant energy, and more.

 The Tuning Fork Therapy® Logo

Attention Sound Therapists!

If you are a sound therapist who uses tuning forks in your healing session, I would love for you to share your discoveries with others of like spirit. There are so many people who are just learning this wonderful modality, please consider joining the webring below:

...Sounds good to me...


Aroma~Care Books



Database of Practitioners

Making a Gemstone Elixir


Q & A About tuning forks

Reiki and Energy Certifications

Using Tuning Forks on Water

Tuning Fork Accessories

Difference in Tuning Forks

Methods and Techniques

High Blood Pressure





"Tuning Fork Therapy®" is copyrighted.

"Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner®" is also copyrighted.  





Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the utilization of sound and vibrational therapy through the use of tuning forks in a healing session – by disseminating information through in-person workshops, online and home study courses, instructional DVDs, support, and offering an internet database of registered Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioners®.   



Vision Statement

We want to see the whole world vibrate in perfect health, harmony, and happiness!    


Copper Wands & Books

    I am currently working on several research projects and will have my work published as soon as they are completed. If you are in the area and would love to become one of my patients in a reserach project, just drop me an email to FrancineMilford@cs.com and I will let you know what is currently available. All participation in a research project is free. There is never a cost for you to become a part of my research projects. There are two projects happening this year and you can participate in one or both of them at this time. One will be finishing up before fall and the other will run through the end of this year.




Discover how Sound and Vibrational Healing Therapies using tuning forks can bring balance, stress relief and even pain reduction through simple methods and techniques. Simple and safe to use on children and pets. Discover how to incorporate tuning forks into your daily healing sessions with Reiki, Polarity, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, Bodytalk and so much more.



Is Tuning Fork Therapy® something your school or healing center would like to offer? I can travel to your location for as little as 6 paid students. ($399 per student). After 6 students are paid up for classes, the person hosting the class will receive their certification for free. All materials will be included in the student kits for workshop attendees. There is nothing more that the students will need to pay for.

Please note that the cost of the student kits is separate from the total cost and will not be subject to splitting. Current cost of the level one student kit for 2019 is $69.99 and includes the printed manual, hockey puck, and 8pc student Harmonic set, along with registered certificates for students completing the workshop. NCBTMB and Florid Ce's and BOC ce's are available for those professionals who need to recertify their massage or NATA athletic trainers.

Thank You



The Tuning Fork Therapy® manual in other languages

I am thrilled to be able to offer the level one book in a variety of languages.

First up is the Slovanian language. Second is the Japanese level and two, and Third is Chinese.

Japanese: For Information on purchasing the book and course in the Japanese Language-please visit:http://tft-japan.com  

To purchase a copy of the Level One manual (in the Slavenian language), send $30 plus $4.99 postage (US only) to:


NOTE: ALL forks, courses, certifications and books are non refundable.



Registered Trademark

     Tuning Fork Therapy® has been registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Only those students who have successfully completed a Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner certification from a registered instructor may use the words 'Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner' in their advertisements and on their business cards. If you have any questions, please contact me at TFtherapy@cs.com.

Remember-ONLY those students who have become certified and registered through this site can offer 'Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitoner courses.' This is a trademarked name.


NEW!!!   I am looking for people who can translate this book into another language. Great business opportunity to the right person. Please send resume and clips of your work to FrancineMilford@cs.com.

This is a business opportunity-not a paid assignment. If you are interested in translating this book as a business opportunity, please contact me at FrancineMilford@cs.com






***Insurance available to all certified Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioners®. Visit www.InsureBodywork.com for details.***

Cost is only $97 a year!!!





PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PO BOX IS NOW CLOSED-All correspondence should now me mailed to my home address listed at the bottom of the page.



Francine Milford

3230 Prairie Dunes Cir W

Lakeland, Fl. 33810


Tuning Fork Center
Gold Coast Plaza
Venice, FL. 3293
Hours of Operation: 10am-4pm Mondday through Saturday

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