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Angel Tuning Forks, Crystal Tuners, Book and more


The 3-piece Angel Tuning Fork set is made of high quality aluminum and comes in a velvet pouch.

The tuning forks are stamped with the following frequencies:

4096 Hz

4160 Hz

4225 Hz

In the Tuning Fork Therapy level three manual, there is discussed many ways that you can use your Angelic tuning forks in a healing session. Among the ways discussed on how to use your tuning forks are the following:

  • Tap two tuning forks together and meditate upon the sound
  • Use the tuning forks to clear a room of negativity or stagnant energy
  • Use the tuning forks to call upon angelic presences in your healing sessions or for meditation

The Angelic Tuning Forks are great to use with clients who are holding on to a lot of anger, worry, frustrations and/or pain as these fork will help the client to release these emotions from their physical body and aura.

The Crystal Tuner, part of the 3pc Angel Tuning Fork Set, can be used to program your crystals and gemstones for use in the healing session. You can use these crystals as 'lasers,' to direct and increase the flow of energy.

One method of how you can use your Angelic Tuning Fork with a crystal.

To Do:

With the person lying on a table, take a pointed crystal in your non dominant hand and the crystal tuner in your dominant hand.

Strike the tuning fork and place the vibrating tip of the tuning fork on the crystal with the point of the crystal pointing towards the area on the client where you want to direct the energy. This works like a laser beam sending the frequency and vibration of the tuning fork and enhancing it through the crystal.

You can direct the energy toward a specific spot, or area, on the person's body that needs it, or you can use it in the client's aura. This method can break up stagnant energy and blockages in the person's body.

For more ideas and ways to use your crystal tuners, check out the information in the Tuning Fork Therapy® Level Three book available for purchase for $30.00 plus $4.99 postage.


For pricing information contact clare@charitydiy.org

3-piece Angel Fork Set