Tuning Fork TherapyŽ offers activators, mallets, and accessories

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Activators, mallets, and accessories


Hockey pucks and accessories may be added to your other flat rate orders without paying extra postage. Send an email to clare@charitydiy.org and she will add up your order and send you an invoice. Contact me before you order to see if your order qualifies for reduced postage or student discounts.

Hockey Pucks WITH or WITHOUT hole

Black Hockey Puck

The Hockey Puck fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so that you can hold it in one hand during your sessions to activate your tuning forks.

Hockey Puck measures 3" diameter across the top and bottom.

Nearly 1" tall.

Weight 6oz.

Handy, convenient and easy to use. You will love this item.

NO hole


Contact clare@charitydiy.org for pricing information




To order TWO Hockey Pucks at one time sent to SAME address and SAVE $$$ 

Rubber and Wooden Mallets

Choose from 'large' or 'medium' wooden mallets with rubber ball.

Sorry, but there is no choice of color.


Please contact clare@charitydiy.org for pricing information




(Product can be added to your order along with other products without paying additional postage-ask for more information)