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Fall 2019 Newsletter

Tuning Forks and Migraines

            First off, let me congratulate you on becoming a Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner®. You have chosen to widen your knowledge and expertise in the world of sound and vibration. There are so many wonderful things happening right now in medicine that have to do with using sound waves and vibrations. A few years ago I looked up all of the research that I could find on the subject and included them all in my book titled, “The Tuning Fork.” Since the publication of that book, many more things have happened in the medical profession that is making the use of sound and vibrational devices more popular and more sought after.

One such newly FDA approved device is for those who suffer from migraine attacks and headaches. It is called, ‘CEFALY.’ Now, this device is nothing really new in the market place but it is a device, made in Belgium, which has gone into some published clinical trials and is being offered by many pain doctors in the U.S. I went online to do some more research on this product.

According to the product’s website, “Cefaly is an External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation device (e-TNS) for migraine treatment. A self-adhesive electrode is placed on the forehead and the Cefaly device is magnetically connected to this electrode. Precise micro-impulses are then sent through the electrode to the upper branch of the trigeminal nerve to either relieve the headache pain during a migraine attack (Acute setting) or to prevent future migraine attacks (Prevent setting).”

 (http://www.cefaly.com accessed on 9/4/2019)


            Now, my article isn’t about running out and purchasing this device, it is about the frequency that it uses to both eliminate headaches (acute) and to keep them from occurring in the first place (predicate).  With further research, I discovered that this device is using a repetition frequency and impulse of 100Hz for acute treatments lasting one hour in duration and 60Hz for predicate treatments lasting only 20 minutes.

            In the studies, only 54% had a reduction in migraine attacks but enjoyed a 75% reduction in the medication that they took for their headaches. 85% of patients claimed some pain relief while 32% said that they were pain free.

Another side note of the research that I thought was interesting is that several patients claimed to feel more relaxed and calm after a session and some people who had insomnia said that they actually slept better. There is the hope that more research will be done for those people who suffer from insomnia.

            So, what does this mean for the Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioners®? If you, or one of your clients, suffer from migraine attacks or insomnia, do a little research on your own. During a migraine attack, use the 100Hz tuning fork on your forehead until your headache subsides. Use the 60Hz tuning fork on your forehead every day for 20 minutes a day to see if you can prevent a headache from occurring. Be sure to write down everything that you do as it may become valuable information to a researcher someday.

            This is the same information to use if you, or one of your clients, are suffering from insomnia. Try it out as 3 mini sessions a week to start off and see I there is any progress at the end of two weeks, or a month.

            Please be sure to let me know if you have successes, or failures, to report as we will all learn and benefit from this knowledge in the future. We all do better when we share information and build on it. I am now offering the 60 Hz and 100 HZ weighted tuning forks on my website at www.TuningForkTherapy.com/60Hz.

Picture of CeFaly Device below

Boosting Tuning Forks in your Practice

Boosting Tuning Forks in your Practice

            It is my hope that from now on I will be able to give all of you amazing Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioners® out there some good, solid business ideas to help you grow your Tuning Fork Therapy® practice. I am currently working on updating my TF Business Plan course and will offer to all of you for FREE when it is finished. When you do well, we all do well together. Until then, I can at least give you all some tidbits to work from. So, here goes…


Tidbit #1. Getting the Word Out.

            It is easy to get the word out with advertising in local newspapers and magazines (if you have the money) but what if you don’t have the money?  Well, if you don’t have money to spend on ads, then you will have to get creative. There are still a ton of things that you can do. First, be sure you have a business card AND carry them with you wherever you go. A good rule of thumb is that when you leave your house, you should not return home until you have given out at least five of your business cards that day. I know that this will take many of you out of your comfort zone but it will help you tremendously. Here are a few other tips:

  • Offer to do a Free Tuning Fork ‘Tune-Up’ at your local metaphysical shop or bookstore, etc.
  • Offer ‘sample’ sessions at fairs, festivals, street markets, farmer’s markets, etc.
  • Offer a free introduction class to the public at the library, community center, assisted living facility, women’s clubs (there are plenty to choose from here and all would welcome something new and fun), networking clubs, etc.
  • If you are a massage therapist or bodyworker, ask your client if they would like to receive a free 10 minute tuning fork add-on to their session so that they can experience the tuning forks for themselves. I have had many clients come back to me just to receive a tuning fork session after experiencing the forks for just 10 minutes.

Adding a Tuning Fork to Meditation

      There are many ways that you can add a tuning fork to your meditation routine. One way is to add the tuning fork that is specifically designed to that chakra, or organ system, that is connected with the meditation that you are using.

       An example of using a specific tuning fork in your meditation would be the following meditation that was emailed me to me from the Deepak Chopra website. This meditation involves the Heart Chakra. So I would use either the Heart Chakra tuning fork from the set of Chakra tuning forks, or I would use the “F” tuning fork from the Student Harmonic Set of tuning forks. What you would do is activate the tuning fork and listen to the sound at least three times before you begin the meditation. Follow the directions in the meditation and you could then either activate the tuning fork and listen to the sound while you sit and meditate, or you can chose to meditate for 5-10 minutes in silence and then at the end of the meditation activate the tuning fork and listen to the sound for as many times as you need.