Tuning Fork TherapyŽ ~ Tree Grounding Meditation

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Tree Grounding Meditation

The Tree Grounding Meditation was eliminated from my book my mistake.

When working with energy, it is very important to ground yourself using this method, or others that are available to you.


The Meditation

Tree Grounding Meditation
The Tree Grounding Meditation is one of my favorite grounding techniques. This was a technique I learned when I had begun my Qigong practice, and now I use it whenever I need to ground myself.
To begin this technique, you will need to stand with your feet at least 6" apart with your knees slightly bent. You can also sit in a chair if you prefer.
I begin by envisioning myself standing tall, like a tree, with my feet flat on the ground.
I feel my body as that of a tree, solid and strong.
I feel the limbs of my body as solid and strong branches of a tree. Strong, yet flexible bending in the wind.
I see roots coming out of the bottom of my feet—they dig deep into the ground beneath my feet, deeper, deeper, and deeper. They tunnel their way to the center of the earth.
The deeper they dig into the earth, the stronger my tree becomes.
The roots go down to the center of the Earth where there is a round, red core.
The roots begin to wrap themselves around the core of the earth.
I feel very secure, and there is a solid feeling in my feet and legs.
(At this time, I can take the opportunity to draw up the energy of Earth into my body for an energizing effect.)
To Do This:
Close your eyes. Inhale, and pull the energy up the roots of your right foot, into your right foot, up your right leg, and into your lower abdominal area.
Feel the energy accumulate within your lower abdominal region.
Exhale, and push this energy down your left leg, out your left foot, and back down the roots to the center of the earth.
Continue breathing and working with the energy until you feel grounded.
When you are ready, you can open your eyes.