Golden Water Activation

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Golden Water Activation

The Golden Water Activation raises the vibration of all the water molecules on planet earth - including the ones inside your body. Scientific research proves that water molecules change when various vibrations are introduced. The most complex, beautiful, and pristine molecules are created through the vibration of Love - which is the predominant vibration one experiences when connecting with dolphins.

Very sophisticated instruments have finally been developed that can measure vibrations. High vibrations create health and a sense of well being and low vibrations cause pain and dis-ease. It is in everyone's highest and best interest to raise their own vibration and that of planet earth.

With this meditation you send healing love and light to the dolphins, whales, and their habitats. You stand and become one with them in UNITY and LOVE. You link hearts and minds and intentions and know that you are making a positive difference - not only to the oceans of the world, but also to yourself, and to all of humanity.
The dolphins emanate the vibrations of LOVE and JOY. Anytime you connect with those vibrations you are uplifted.
The whales hold immense knowledge and power. You are strengthened by connecting with them.
70% to 80% of the earth is covered with water. 70% to 80% of the human body is made up of water. There is an irrevocable link.
Humans are the custodians of the land. The cetaceans are the custodians of the sea. As we come together and join as ONE we are making the difference we are all desiring to make - to raise the vibration of everything and everyone on planet earth.
This work - if we can call it that - is so important that the words to the meditation were given to at least two people on opposite sides of the planet. David J. Adams from Australia was given this meditation in 1992 and there are many people around the world that have been joining with him each Spring and Fall Equinox for many years. I, Takara from North America, was given the words to this meditation in 1998. And many have joined me as well each Spring and Fall Equinox. The meditations are held at the same time, they are the same, they are ONE. There are some very trivial differences. So whether you choose the meditation from this site, or the one from David's - it matters not.
What matters is your intention to be LOVE, and to radiate LOVE, and to send LOVE to the sea.


The Meditation

Begin by standing with your feet about hip distance apart and your knees slightly bent. Close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths. See yourself surrounded by a golden bubble of protection. It is filled with golden white light.

Take a few moments to imagine that you are standing on the shore and breathing in sea air. Hear the waves on the sand and the sea gulls overhead. Smell the fresh salt air. Imagine you are standing near the ocean for the remainder of the meditation . . .


Visualize the skies opening up above you and a column of golden shimmering light coming down and touching you on the top of your head. Tiny gold sparkles begin coming down the column of light.


With each inbreath, imagine the golden light entering and traveling down your body until every part of you is filled with golden shimmering light. Feel every cell being filled and energized. Realize that this healing light is the energy of Divine Love being manifest in the physical world. You are glowing with a golden radiance. You are healing at the deepest level. Every cell, every molecule of your being, is being energized and bathed with this golden shimmering energy of Love.

Hold this image of the golden light being poured into every cell until your entire body is glowing with golden light - until you feel the vibration.


Now say "Please fill my body and energy field with any colors, geometries, tones, or other vibrations that would assist me to raise my vibration and attain wholeness and wellness." Wait until this feels complete.


See the light as golden again and visualize it traveling out of the bottoms of your feet and moving down into Mother Earth all the way to her center core. See Mother Earth becoming golden in color. Say "Please send to Mother Earth any colors, geometries, tones, or other vibrations that would assist her to raise her vibration and attain wholeness and wellness." Wait until this feels complete.


As the golden light continues to pour into the top of your head, place your right hand out in front of you with the palm facing down (use the left hand if you are left handed). Imagine the golden shimmering light beginning to project out of your outstretched palm into the ocean in front of you. (A bowl of water if you aren't near a body of water). Send this golden Love energy into the ocean like a beam from your outstretched palm.


Imagine it beginning to excite and energize all the water molecules. You see that where it is entering the ocean, the water is beginning to glow. Each molecule is being filled with divine Love energy and is being reborn into it's most pure and pristine form.


The glow begins to spread out in every direction. The glow spreads and spreads until the entire ocean is glowing and there are golden sparkles popping out everywhere. Know that this glow is regenerating the ocean with Divine Love. This healing energy is cleaning up the pollution. It is regenerating the entire ecosystem from the streams that feed the lakes, to the rivers, to the oceans, all over the planet. Hold this image for a moment.


Now, temporarily stop sending the healing energy out of your palm. You are surprised to discover that the glow continues without your assistance.



Say "Please send to the oceans any colors, geometries, tones, or other vibrations that would assist in raising its vibration and becoming vibrant and alive and whole."

Wait until this feels complete.


Suddenly you become aware that you are not the only person on the shore. There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet that are also standing, with their palms outstretched, sending golden Divine Love to the sea.

The Divine golden shimmering light continues to pour into the top of your head, through your body, and down into Mother Earth. Imagine a ball of golden energy beginning to form in your heart. It grows and grows until it becomes a huge ball of Divine Love - about the size of a basketball.


Take a beam of golden light energy from the ball at your heart and send it out from your body and let it enter the heart of another person also standing on the shore. Then the beam goes from their heart to another and another until there are light beams connecting the hearts of every person holding this loving / healing intention. The entire face of the planet is covered with golden light beams of Love. An entire gridwork of golden beams encircles planet earth.


All participating are connected and becoming ONE - one heart, one intention. The vibration of each person participating is increased until it becomes the vibration of the golden shimmering light - the Divine Love from All That Is. Each person is glowing with a golden glow. Stop for a moment to feel fully this merging, this re-union, this Oneness.


Now that all the humans are connected with you, send another beam of light out of your outstretched palm toward the ocean. This time, imagine it finding and energizing a whale or a dolphin. See it enter their heart and then spread throughout their body. Imagine them beginning to glow with the golden light of Love.


Now see a light beam from their heart connect with another whale or dolphin. And then another and then another. This continues until every cetacean is connected with light beams of golden Divine Love. Imagine that the light beams begin to leave the water and connect with the hearts of all the cetaceans in captivity. And they are also filled with the golden shimmering light and begin to glow.


All the humans and all the cetaceans are now ONE. The radiance of this light becomes so intense that the entire earth is bathed in the golden light and it begins to radiate out into the atmosphere around the planet. The light begins to pulse and the earth, the oceans, the cetaceans, and all of humanity are penetrated at the deepest level with the golden healing light.


Feel what its like to be ONE with the dolphins and whales. Feel the pulse of the golden light radiating to and from everywhere. Feel yourself merging with the dolphin and whale consciousness. Pause while you feel this connection in its fullness.


Now that you have become ONE with the dolphins and whales, tell them anything you wish for them to know.

Then ask the dolphins if they have a special message for you. Wait for a few minutes in silence while you receive their message. It may come as a voice, an image, or an internal knowing.


Ask the whales if they have a special message for you. Wait for a few minutes in silence while you receive their message.

Know that there are beautiful golden crystals (imperial topaz) in many oceans, rivers, and streams throughout the world. See them there. See them anchoring (grounding) and holding the vibration that has been created through this meditation.

Know that the beams of light connecting you with other humans and the cetaceans will continue even when the meditation is complete. Imagine that the glow continues to pulse, bathing Mother Earth and out into the atmosphere.

Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Smile knowing you have made a difference.



Feel free to photocopy and share this meditation with others.

You may wish to make some notes about your experience. Each time you do the meditation, your experience of it will change. You may choose to do it everyday - to raise your vibration or to assist in healing yourself and the planet.



Thank you Takara for sharing this with us...Blessings