The Difference Between Tuning Forks

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Is There a difference between Tuning Forks?

Look at the two tuning forks in the picture below. Both of these tuning forks are Middle "C". By looking at them, you could expect that sound emitting from these two forks would be very different. The fork size and thickness of the fork itself will affect the sound of the tone it creates.

In the picture below, the fork on the left is the newer "New Age" version of tuning forks on the market. These forks are specifically being sold to New Age practitioners to use in their healing session. The tines are thicker and longer-so the sound is louder and deeper. Drawback? These forks are both expensive ($ 150) and heavier to hold.

The fork on the right is part of a beginner 8pc. set that I include for my tuning fork therapy level one students. The sound emitting from these forks are just as effective as the other ones in bringing about changes in the body. This set is lighter weight making longer sessions possible. The cost of $ 50 makes this set very affordable.

I own and use both sets of tuning forks. I prefer the basic set because most of my clients are very sensitive to sound.

I would also recommend that you use the basic set for pets, children and very ill and weak adults.

Sound is meant to heal-not to create problems

Types of Materials Used

There are several materials that tuning forks can be made out of. The first tuning forks were made from steel. The second tuning fork was made from aluminum and now there are tuning forks on the market made from space alloy, etc.

Which one is the best one for you?

That all depends on you. Each tuning fork is equally good for the purpose it was intended for. My suggestion to you is to try each one and decide for yourself which one 'resonates' for you.

I try to stay away from anyone claiming that 'their product' is the only right one on the market, or the best one, etc. It is important for you to choose for yourself which is the right one from you, or ask someone who's opinion you trust and isn't trying to selling you one.