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Inner Harmony

Inner Harmony

A blog for Sound Health



What is Sound Health?

By: SuzannesSounds | Discussion (0)

What is Sound Health? by Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D.

Music and sound therapy has been with us since the beginning of time. When we think of music therapy today we immediately think of music that makes us feel good. Music that lifts our moods, makes a long driving trip shorter, or housework effortless. When I was working in a large rehabilitation hospital the most popular tape on the stroke unit was a compilation of big band songs played by the Glen Miller Orchestra. After listening to this music patients were in a good mood, they participated more fully in their therapies, reported less pain, and socialized more.

But what about the other parts of us? Does music do nothing more than make us feel good or bad? act on our emotions? The ancient Greeks through Pathagorus knew there were certain chords and melodies that produced definite responses within the body. In the 6th Century B.C. his disciples knew the right sequence of sounds played on certain instruments could cure bodily pain and dis-eases. His philosophies encompassed music, healing, science, mathematics, nutrition, and medicine and were practiced for 800 years.

A branch of modern music therapy is music medicine. It is a rediscovering of how music affects our physical body. Thanks to our mordern technology, we can measure these effects and find that the RIGHT music can:
lower or raise bloodpressure, heart rate, and respiration
release endorphins that soothe pain
relax muscles and release tension
increase circulation
assist with sleep
and many more effects.
You have probably intuited some of this yourself by choosing slower music when you want to relax and sleep.*

We are a larger matrix than just our emotions and body. We are also our minds, though there are times when we feel like we have lost it, as this story demonstrates.

A very elderly gentleman (mid-90’s), very well dressed, hair well groomed, great looking suit, flower in his lapel smelling slightly of a good after shave, presenting a well looked-after image, walks into an upscale cocktail lounge.
Seated at the bar is an elderly lookin glady, (mid 80s). The gentleman walks over, sits alongside her, orders a drink, takes a sip, turns to her and says: “So tell me, do I come her often?”

So, is there music that can assist you in not losing your mind in the first place? YES ! The RIGHT music assists our brain waves to
increase focus and concentration and THERFORE increase memory
increase creativity
increase attention

We can remember more, think more clearly, get better grades, be more creative and more productive with the right music. As a beginning step, much of the music composed by Mozart will assist in this process. Use the second movements of his instrument concertos, the tempos of which are highly conducive to keeping our brain moving on track. *

As a flutist and singer performing in large groups I have felt music to the point that tears flowed and I became paralyzed…not a good thing during performances! This was music that communicated with my soul. Soul music is music that touches your very core, expands your heart, gives you tingles, leaves you in a much better place, and has the potential to heal your body . I remember a 45 year old patient in ICU several years ago who was very slowly dying and no one could figure out why. She was attached to every life support modern medicine had and nothing was changing. I suggested to her nurse that she play a tape I had compiled for the hospital of ‘soul’ music, thinking that if she indeed was inthe process of transitioning to the next life, hearing beautiful music might assist her. I wasn’t able to reconnect with the nurse for a few days, and when I did I was informed that the patient had been moved to a regular room in the hospital and was doing quite well. Apparently she had begun to stabilize and then improve some hours after the nurse had started the soul music tape. The patient never talked about her experience.*

So on my journey of using music to help others heal, be more productive, learn faster, and be more joyful, I began to wonder what is music? To make a long story short….I have become a sound therapist, one who uses individual sounds to affect the body. You are already familiar with the use of sound in medicine: ultrasound: frequencies that excite cells to generate heat; and using sound/frequencies to breakup kidney stones.

Think of the sound of chalk on a blackboard……the sound of trains braking. These sounds set off a chemical change in your body which gives you a physical reaction. And yes, there are beneficial sounds. Here we blend with quantum physics. This science tells us that everything is made up of vibration: rocks, gases, a heart, grass, etc. Sound is audible vibration. Humans have been using sound for healing for centuries in the form of drumming, chants, bells and gongs, and now, tones. Sound enters our auric fields, our ears, our brain, and then every part of our body. It has the ability to make significant changes in our physiology and emotions.

In Sound Therapy, if your liver is not functioning well we could say it is In Sound Therapy, if your liver is not functioning well we could say it is out of tune. And by using the laws of physics, we can retune the liver with another frquency, the frequency of a healthy liver. For more information on this you can read my book** or go to my website. One person sent me a description of how the Spinal Ease CD helped him. *

~”…I had two herniated disks in my neck. I spent several weeks in physical therapy twice a week with no relief. Each time I went to therapy the pain grew worse for several days. I later went to a Neurosurgeon to discuss surgery. His news was not what I wanted hear. I also have lung disease from chemical exposure. The Neurosurgeon told me the disk problem was operable, but not on me because he was afraid I would not wake up from the anesthesia. The alternative was to live out my life in pain, tingling, and numbness, until things were so bad the risk of dieing would be worth the surgery… I began listening to the CD Spinal Tap, once or twice a day as time permitted. I didn’t notice much of anything for about three days. After that I realized the pain and tingling in my arm weren’t as frequent or severe. In about a week feeling was returning to my fingers. I’m not sure when the rest happened, but within three weeks I no longer had numbness in my fingers, the pain in my shoulder was gone, and the tingling in my arm was so infrequent I was totally amazed. By the fourth week I had no symptoms at all. I continued listening for one more week and have stopped. I forgot to mention the Neurosurgeon also told me I had arthritis in my neck. It has been weeks since listening to my powerful CD. I have noticed a very slight pain in my neck if I sit at my computer for a prolonged period of time.

Sound Therapy is really rediscovering what the ancient Greeks knew, using the laws of physics, and applying it with tuning forks, or generated tones through headphones and special sound chairs and beds. Sound Health is using sounds (tones or music) to increase your vitality be it physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. Just like a prescription for drugs, music medicine can target a specific symptom or dis-ease, must be taken consistently, and as directed, and has few to no side effects. Sound Health can be employed anytime and anywhere:
wake up to music
meditate to music
exercise to music
be more productive and creative with music
learn faster with music
enjoy your meals with music
go to sleep with music
decrease symptoms with music or sounds
increase well being and health with music or sounds
The warning here is: “music is a double edged sword” Shakespeare.
You can significantly enhance or decrease what ever you use music and sound for.

A New Yorker cartoon has summed it up perfectly. Picture an overweight middle aged man wearing headphones attached to a portable tape player and smoking a cigarette. He was talking to a very beautiful young woman saying:

“Right now I’m listening to a creativity tape. Later, I’ll do the stop smoking, stop drinking and weight loss ones. By tomorrow, I’ll be the man of your dreams, baby.”

* For a list of suggestions and to purchase CDs go to www.InnerHarmonyHealthCenter.com
** Take Two Tapes and Call Me in the Morning can be purchased on line at the above address.


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A Menu of Sound Therapies

By: SuzannesSounds | Discussion (0)

The following Sound Therapy descriptions are just a few of those that are currently available. I will be updating this blog on a regular basis as I discover more of them. The list here includes:

Vibro-Tactile Stimulation
Tomatis Method


The most widely recognized and accepted use of frequency application is the field of ultrasonics. In medical applications, the basic principle is using high frequencies to generate heat, which can penetrate to the deep tissues of the body. Ultrasonics is currently used in physical therapy, surgery, and dentistry. Experiments are also focusing on ultrasonics as a method of birth control.

As a tool for diagnosis, ultra-sonagraphy is a method of scanning internal organs with pulsed or continuous high-frequencywaves and recording the rebound (echo) of these waves. Ultra-sonagraphy is used in assessing the stages of pregnancy and to detect diseases and tumors of the bladder, kidneys, liver, ovaries, pancreas, brain, and heart. Treatment of disease and surgical techniques are relatively new, though successes havebeen achieved in treating Meniere’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, bruises and strains, in removal of tumor and kidney stones, and in ophthalmic surgery.(McClellan, 1991)

The therapeutic application of cymatics (the science of how sound waves translate into physical patterns)is currently being researched in England. The basic principle operative in cymatics therapy is entrainment. The healthy frequency of the body part to be treated, having been predetermined, is incorporated into a harmonic of five frequencies, which is applied through that skin by an “applicator”to specific acupuncture points on the body. The sounds produced are attuned to the body’s natural frequencies. Although the approach is only 30 or so years old, successes have been demonstrated in cases of rheumatism, arthritis, fracture, muscle strain, and many other afflictions. The leading pioneer in this area is Dr. Peter Guy Manners. (www.cymatherapy.com)

Today there are several sound tables/chairs available. Somatron, Betar, “So”Sound, KliniSoundWave and Dr. Jeffery Thompson’s are a few of the current names of tables/chairs that have speakers or transducers embedded in them. Lying on the bed, one can feel the vibrations of music, a condition known as sensory resonance when all the senses receive simultaneous stimulation. This assists in freeing up mental energy that would normally be used to screen out countless irritating background sensations and assists in decreasing physical symptoms.

Researchers point out that musical frequencies when experienced through the table or chair, are perceived not only by our ears and skin, but also by our spinal cored and brain, and therefore potentially by all parts of our bodies. Vibro-tactile tables and chairs are being used in hospitals, universities, schools, mind/brain centers, and private and governmental facilities across the world. (see list of research citations at end of this chapter).Clinical reports demonstrate some interesting results including: the complete elimination of migraine, sinus and tension headaches; decrease in pain during invasive cancer procedures; decrease in anxiety, muscle tension, and spasticity;assistance in entering into deep relaxation faster; and a consistent ability to summon and soothe individual personalities of those suffering from multiple personality disorders.

The nature of the sonic treatment on the bed is essentially dependent on what music comes through the speakers. Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa FL finds soothing music that has a mother’s heartbeat embedded in it to be effective both before and after painful invasive procedures. In a study designed to reduce stress headaches (McElwain), native American flute music (“Canyon Trilogy” by Carlos Nakai) was found to be successful. Other music found to be influential is: Baroque music with autism, any of the Hemi-Sync music tapes (www.InnerHarmonyHealthCenter.com), and in general, music that is nonpercusive, slow, melodious, and has a strong bass line.David Ison (www.Therasound.com) has been composing specific music for the Somatron and Vibrasound tables that have been consistently successful.

The Betar, KliniSoundwave, “So”Sound and Dr. Jeffery Thompson’s sound table are equipped with specially designed low frequency, solid steel transducers,comparable to electronic tuning forks, attached to a hardwood underside of the table. When lying on this padded tuning board, a person feels and becomes part of the sound vibration through direct bone conduction. As many say,“It is an awesome experience…” To magnify and spread the sound more evenly throughout the entire body mass, geometrically engineered Resonance Chambers are used. The transducers and resonance chambers of the Dr Thompson™ Patent Pending Sound Table System are mathematically arranged for the highest resonance of the body.

The Dr Thompson™ Audio Program Recordings have been technologically engineered with precision low frequency vibrations to most effectively resonate the body and entrain the brain into different states of consciousness for stress reduction, holistic healing, deep relaxation, emotional release, enhanced therapeutic interaction, openness, meditation, etc. These specific low frequency sound waves give the optimal effect of vibration through the body and hence, set the stage for the true holistic healing.

In 1959 Dr. Teirichbuilt a couch containing loudspeakers that had a response range from 20hz-60hz for generating vibration into the back. Clients reported warmth in the solarplexus, warmth throughout the body, floating sensations caused by the bass tones, relaxation in the region of the stomach, dreamlike states, and images. Norwegian educator and therapist, Olav Skille, constructed a unit which he initially described as a “music bath” that bathed his subjects in sound. He found some success in helping children who were severely physically and mentally impaired to achieve relaxation. This process consisted of playing music and sinus tones through speakers into a mattress filled with semi-softpellets. He found that the most significant frequencies range between 40-80HZ. Patients lying on the mattress feel the vibrations throughout their bodies. For instance, 40 hz was predominantly felt in the thighs and legs, 50 Hz was more significantly felt in the coccyx, sacrum, and lower lumbar region, and 60 Hz was typically felt in the thoracic area and to some extent in the lumbar region. Dr. Skille noticed several effects with his patients: weakened spasticity, a rise in activity level, a lessening or disappearance of stress-related shoulder pains; reduction in lumbago-type back pains and other muscular tension; reduction in back-area menstrual pain (Skille, 1982). Since then, a varietyof clinical conditions have been treated with Vibro acoustic therapy in Norway, England, Finland, Estonia, and the U.S. Some of these conditions include:autism, pulmonary disorders, asthma, spastic conditions, anxiety, neurosis(Wigram, 1995). There sound tables and chairs listed in the website references at the end of this chapter.

Auditory assessment for the purposes of sound therapy was founded by Alfred A. Tomatis, a French physician and ear/nose/throat specialist. Sound therapy is based upon the idea that the body requires the presence of a full range of harmonious frequencies working cooperatively. As the voice is a source of sound, the ear is the receiver of sound and together they form a dynamic system. Tomatis believes that during gestation the brain is developed from the pattern of the first organ to form: the ear. Early in his work, he discovered the right ear needs to be the dominant listening ear as it has more connections with the left side of the brain and that the neural link between the left bran and the larynx is shorter. He discovered that when the right ear is not in a position of control there will be no leading ear at all. Hesitant and monotonous speech may occur, possibly stammering or even stuttering. In most children with language and learning problems, the right ear did not develop as the leading ear. His method therefore addresses specific problems of listening, not hearing.

After assessing the listening strengths and weaknesses, the ear is introduced to filtered sound stimulations through special equipment. The chief objective of the passive phase is to recreate the prenatal environment by means ofsounds rich in high frequencies. The sounds are usually a combination of mother’s recorded voice and music by Mozart. The ear is forced to expand its range of perception and increase its selective powers. The program the progresses to an active phase of voice exercises including singing and chanting then word and sentence repetition, and a read aloud phase. (Madaule 1993)

Many language, speech, and behavior and learning disabilities thought to be irreversible are currently being changed including ADD and ADHD. Someof the specific changes that have occurred are: accelerated learning, increases in information integration, improved vocal range and hearing, reversal of several behavioral problems such as attention, concentration, memory, aggression, hyperactivity and regressive tendencies, problems with lateral dominance and handedness, and reversal of learning disabilities and problems with reading, writing, spelling and calculation. (Edwards, 1997)

BioAcoustics is an exciting new field within Subtle Energy Medicine. It is built on a foundation of three decades of research at Sound Health Alternatives,Inc. BioAcoustics can most aptly be described as a cross between vibroacoustic therapy and biofeedback. It is based on the premise that all living systems emit frequencies termed “Signature Sounds”. These Signature Sounds are an indication of each person’s physical and emotional status, as well as a reflection of any stress which resides in a body’s frequencies. In this therapy analysis of the voice is used to identify and interpret the constant, complicated frequency interactions within the body. The technique demonstrates that the frequencies contained in the vocal patterns provide a holographic representation of the human body. Sharry Edwards is the founder and primary researcher in this area. Her preliminary studies indicate that when a person’s missing sounds are returned to his/her environment, the body begins to rebuild itself- even from the so-called “incurable” diseases. The technique consists ofa voice spectral analysis and the deliverance of specific frequencies in the brain wave range through headphones and tone box, or subwoofer, or vibro-tactilechair/table. Although it is still in its infancy, frequency formulas based on a person’s Signature Sounds have assisted in attaining positive results in cases of: lung ailments, broken bones, eye problems, epileptic seizures, heart conditions, high blood pressure, metal toxicity, hyperostosis, diabetes, Down syndrome, genetic syndromes, MS, chronic and traumatic pain, attention/learningdisorders, and many more.(there is more complete info on this in the BioAcoustics blog)

In the 1930’s, German experimenter H.S. Dove discovered the phenomenon of binaural beats. These are beats that are generated in the human brain as a result of hearing different externally-generated frequencies in each ear. For instance, if a tone of 200 beats per minute was played in the right ear and a tone of 210 beats in the left, the brain would “here” the difference in the beats and generate its own frequency of 10 beats per minute. No one ever “hears” the binaural beats per minute. (Atwater, 1997)

The late Robert Monroe, formerly a composer in the communications industry, used this theory to develop an auditory guidance system to heighten selected awareness and performance while establishing a relaxed state. Using entrainment principles, specific frequencies sent to each ear assist in entraining the separate areas of the hemispheres to equal electromagnetic environments to enhance the free-flowing exhange of information between hemispheres. The resulting synchronicity of the hemispheres greatly increases learning, healing, meditative abilities, i.e., when the brain waves are in a particular frequency and left and right hemispheres are synchronized, optimal functioning occurs.
Research at the MonroeInstitute in Faber, Virginia indicates that an optimal brain wave state might be in the “theta state”, when an individual is very relaxed and highly receptive and uncritical. States of consciousness are differentiated by brain wave pattern:

Beta (14-100 Hz) Normal waking consciousness; alert, analytic
Higher levels associated with anxiety, dis-ease

Alpha (8-14 Hz) Alert but unfocused, relaxed, light trance, pre-sleep
Meditation, increased serotonin production

Theta (4-8 Hz) REM sleep, trance, deep meditation, uncritical,
Optimal learning state, creative, integrative

Delta (.1-4 Hz) Deep dreamless sleep, access to unconscious,
loss of body awareness

The greatest practical problem with the efficacy of the theta state is an individual’s tendency to slide down into delta (sleep). To assist in achieving this state,a special mix of frequencies is used. These are embedded in ocean surf sounds,“pink noise”, or non-rhythmical music recorded onto tapes/cds. The actual tones are inaudible, as hearing them would be irritating. There are dozens of cds with specific purposses: deep relaxation; pain reduction or decreasing other physical symptoms; improving performances such as sports, concentration,and memory. The results from regular usage of the programs can be dramatic, as the brain is trained to operate at an optimal level. With respect to healing, it appears we can consciously learn to control various aspects of our physiology when we are in the theta state.





Bioacoustics Q&A

By: SuzannesSounds | Discussion (0)

What Happens in a Bioacoustics session?
A typical Bioacoustics session consists of taking a voice print (speaking 45 seconds into a microphone attached to a computer program). The voice print is then analyzed to determine:
1. what things are out of balance in your body, and
2. what frequencies would be of benefit for you to listen to.

The next step is to apply the frequencies to your body. This is done on our special sound table. This table will give you your frequencies through your whole body by acupuncture points, bone conduction, skin, ears, and energy fields. At the same time, a CD is being made for you to take home and use.

How long does it take for a change to occur?
This depends upon how chronic the issue is, your intention to release the issue, and your compliance with the listening protocal.

How long are my sounds?
This depends upon each person. Sometimes it is 15 minutes, sometimes it is and hour.

How often do I use my sounds?
Each person is different. Most of the time you will be directed to listen to the tones 3-4 times a day. If the issue is chronic, you may be instructed to listen to the tones at night while you sleep. This is done by playing your tones through a subwoofer that would be in your bedroom.

How do I listen to my sounds?
There are several ways listed in order of effectiveness over time:
i.e., from most powerful to least powerful
1. sound table or chair (From $2000-$7000)
2. transducer pillow ($76)
3. tonebox ($400)
4. CD with headphones
5. open air speakers in room

Do the frequencies just act on the physical?
NO. As we cannot seperate ourselves into just a body or emotions or mind, etc., the frequencies will beneficially affect all of us.
There are also some sessions where only the emotional is targeted as opposed to the physical.





How do I relax with music?

By: SuzannesSounds | Discussion (0)

I just want to listen to relaxing music….but I can’t find any!

So many of my clients, when they lie down on my sound table, say they want to hear ‘relaxing’ music.
That is like saying, “ feed me something yummy”!

Given our high stress and busy lives, most people are running in high gear. Imagine a car tearing around in 5th gear. What do you think would happen if you downshifted to 1st or even 2nd gear. Not a pretty sound.
This is just like taking a person who has been going at top speed all day (or even for weeks) and having them try to listen to some dreamy slow wave music. They won’t be able to engage.

So here’s the trick, which was formalized in the 1930’s by psychologists: match the mood, then gradually move
to the desired mood. Massage therapists often voice their frustration when super person lies down on their table.
“They don’t like any of the ‘relaxing’ music I play, and it takes them the full hour to just start to unwind.”

The starting point is to rate your level of alertness on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most active.
If you are a ten, pick some music that is close to your level and that you enjoy listening to.
The next piece would be slightly slower in tempo, etc. It is all in the tempo or speed of the music.
Always have it be slightly slower than where you rate yourself to be, otherwise you will find yourself maintaining your level of alertness, or even increasing it.

Be sure to pick music you like, or think you would like. Do you gravitate to jazz, blues, R&B, etc.?
But don’t let that get in your way of trying something new.

If you are rating yourself ready for the big plunge into slow wave alpha or theta brain wave levels, here are some interesting albums for you that I use in our clinic. Not only are they designed to pull you down into the realms of peace and serenity, they are well composed by people who are seriously intent on assisting you to inner peace. These albums are not only beautiful but therapeutic.

Liquid Mind Series by Chuck Wild
Balance by David Ison*
Ocean Euphoric by Kip Mazuly
So Beautiful by Barry Oser
Cats Purr*
Sleeping through the Rain - a Hemi-Sync CD*
Deep Journey – a Hemi-Sync CD*
Mystic Realms – a Hemi-Sync CD*
Odyssey by Shapeshifter
Zen Breakfast

*available at www.InnerHarmonyHealthCenter.com





Bioacoustics Sound Therapy

By: SuzannesSounds | Discussion (0)

Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D.

The power of sound and intent appears to be the most ancient form of creation. Not only did sound create the universe, the universe is made of sound. Sound is nothing more than waves of energy or vibration that we can hear. Einsteinium/ Quantum physics tells us that all of creation is made of vibration or inaudible sound. Some things we can hear like wind and music but most things we cannot hear.

Large and small, everything has its own vibratory rate and sound. Many ancient scientists wrote about the ‘music of the spheres’. As measured by NASA’s Voyager probes: Saturn hums a slow, dreamy melody, Mercury has a chirping, quick sound, the Sun radiates eighty different overtones and the Earth’s note is a B, although some believe it to be an F.

Everything is vibration energy, inaudible or audible sound. Human beings are walking symphonies of sound; a gurgling or growling stomach; intrauterine sound; heartbeat, blood rushing. All frequencies and sounds combine so that we are a being of sound, composed of many tones. Our body’s shape, movements, desires, motivations, and wellness are determined by this inner concert.

Ernst Chladni, an 18th Century German physicist, was fascinated with the concept of vibration as he would experience it when he played his violin. One day he scattered grains of sand on a metal plate. He then drew his bow across the edge of the plate and watched as all the grains of sand danced. As he continued to play the same note he noticed something surprising. The grains of sand formed a pattern on the plate and it formed exactly the same pattern every time he played the same note. In trying other notes, the same thing happened, each note forming its own pattern.

This remained in the realm of curiosity until the 20th century when a Swiss scientist, Hans Jenny, played with the concept. With the assistance of the microscope, he recognized that the forms made by the sand resembled some that he had seen under his microscope: chromosomes, cells, molecules, bone tissue and crystals.

He then made several important hypotheses:
1. Growth is the result of vibration.
2. The nature of the vibration determines the resulting structure.
3. Each cell generates its own frequency and the combination of similar cells makes a new frequency that contains the original frequency or tone.

This was the beginning of quantum physics. The way something vibrates determines what it is. For example, the frequency of water is 18.02 Hertz which means that the water molecules vibrate 18.02 times per second. It is important to know the resonant frequency of things because then we can change its structure.

From a Sound Healers perspective, when we experience emotional or physical symptoms we are literally out of tune, or in dissonance. All living systems dissipate energy over time which causes us to move further and further from equilibrium. We can easily detect this in the form of uneasiness and minor discomforts. We can ignore them, or examine our lives to find where we are leaking energy too much. If we ignore the conditions, we will continue to move further out of balance and soon find ourselves in chaos with stronger symptoms.

Sound Therapy is finding the correct frequency and figuring out the best way to deliver the frequency for the desired effect. It will affect the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. There are also frequencies that can affect the sub cellular levels.

Through the work of Sharry Edwards, Bioacoustics, and the use of Voice Spectral Analysis, the frequencies that are most out of balance in the body can be shown. These represent muscles, biochemicals, hormones, vertebrae, toxins, vitamins, minerals, pathogens, and disease susceptibilities. By applying the correct frequency through a sub woofer, tone box and headphones, sound table, or transducer pillow, these imbalances can be brought back in tune.

There have been many remarkable cases where physical conditions that were deemed hopeless by traditional medicine standards were dramatically improved, including impossibilities like growing a new kneecap, strengthening damaged muscles, detoxing heavy metals, completely repairing bone fractures, and reversing macular degeneration. One of the unique and important aspects of Bioacoustics is its ability to show root causes and demonstrate that two people with the same disease can have very different etiologies.

As a sound practitioner I have seen improvements in digestion, thyroid functioning, emotional balance, lung congestion, allergies, metal toxicity, fibromyalgia, pain, anxiety, and cancer tumor reduction and cell counts. When one keeps in mind that all is vibration, then it makes perfect sense to apply vibration for symptom correction.

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