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Clearance Forks ~ First Come, First Served

Clearance on the following tuning forks as I have decided not to carry them anymore.

These forks are all brand new.

Please note that all postage listed is for shipping inside of the United States ONLY.

If you live outisde of this country, please drop me an email at FrancineMilford@cs.com for costs of shipping to your country.


Save money---when ordering more than one item---drop me an email and I will send you an invoice for the total postage cost of shipping your items to you. Save $$$

Unweighted Tuning Forks

432Hz UNWEIGHTED tuning fork

Brand New

Blue Case

4 are unmarked

Sale Price: $15.99 plus $6.99 postage in U.S.

Only 5 left



Weighted Tuning Forks

128 Hz Otto Tuning Fork from Biosonic

Brand new

Only two available

Cost: $40.00 plus $7.99 postage


Musical Tuning Fork Set

13pc Musical Tuning Fork Set

Basic beginner set.

Brand New in blue velvet case

One only.


Contains 8pc Harmonic Set + 5pc Sharp Set


Cost: $75.00 plus $15.99 postage


Astro Mental Tuning Fork

Astro Mental Weighted Tuning Fork
(Tuning Fork is Shown Above)
Comes in Blue Velvet case

Brand new

Only 2 available

Cost: $39.00 plus $7.99 postage


4pc Energy Practitioner Set

4pc. Energy Practitioner

Only one available

Contains the Following Forksa:

Gall Bladder


Higher Heart


Cost: $70.00 plus $15.99 postage


Angel Tuners Set




128 Hz Otto Tuning Fork from Biosonic

Brand new

Only two available

Cost: $40.00 plus $7.99 postage





11pc Chakra Fork Set

Brand New

Only 2 available

Earth Day=Root Chakra=194.15Hz

Comes in red Velvet Case.


Cost: $99 plus $15.99 postage in the United States







This tuning fork comes weighted and is longer handled than the regular OM tuning fork.

This tuning fork comes in the 68.05Hz frequency.

Use this tuning forks to clear and/or move stagnant energy in the body and/or blockages in the body.

Can be used alone with the regular OM 136.10 tuning fork on points along the meridian system.


Cost of tuning fork is $32.99 plus $8.99 postage inside U.S.A.





432Hz WEIGHTED tuning fork

Brand New

Blue case included

Case is unmarked


Only 2 left


(see picture below)

Cost: $23.99 plus $8.99 postage in U.S.